Solar Power and Water Well for School in Zambia

This project supports the construction and modernization of the School Center Namununga Middle Basic School in the District Chibombo in Zambia. In the final stage 1200 students of different ages can be humanely cared for and taught here.


Care for Kids 2012 has taken over the installation of a solar powered well with water pump and water distribution via a 5.000 Liter high-tank. So the water supply in five places on school premises is possible.


The children now have access to clean drinking water. Result, the sanitary conditions of the school have improved greatly. In the school garden it is now possible to plant vegetables and fruit trees (oranges and lemons) by irrigation with well water.


Anna Ngulube, students of the 6th Grade Level:
"It's the first time for me to drink water from a tap," smiles Anne. "So far I know only from books. As students, we are now able to wash our hands hygienically with running water after using the toilet, "she added.

Image gallery

  • School with water storage tower and solar system
  • Inauguration of the water storage tank tower
  • Fresh water for the school, a new experience
  • Layout plan for the Namununga school
  • Solar system with photovoliaic modules
  • Namununga school with water storage tower and solar system
  • Donation checque from Care for Kids
  • Potable water for the children
  • 5000 liter water storage tank