Help for Schools - we collect used school bags!

At the beginning of every schoolyear many children receive new schoolbags and the old, often well preserved bags land on the waste. These schoolbags Care for Kids will collect to donate to needy children abroad whose parents can raise no money for school bags and stationery. The bags will be shipped our partner schools in Rwanda, Mali and Albania.


And so you can help:

  • You bring us used schoolbags and fill them with stationary material (see list in the flyer)
  • or you leave us empty bags, which we then fill.
  • We also welcome donations of material with which we fill the bags.
  • or finance a set of material through a donation to Care for Kids! (Click here...)


The used bag and - if possible - filled with stationary material can be submitted at the following locations:


  • At the reception desk of Exyte Group in Stuttgart, Loewentorboben 9b and Renningen
  • At the other German office locations of Exyte Group it will be organized as required


Please advertise for this campaign at the school of your children! You can print posters and flyers here and feel free to add the information to the delivery point in the open field. Those who wish may also like to have a feedback card in the satchel insert (see Downloads on the right).


We look forward to your participation and thank you on behalf of children who hopefully can look forward to one of your satchel. The collection period is not limited and you can drop your donation any working day.

  • Schoolbag with requested filling
  • The collection point at M+W Group
  • Class 7b of the Friedrich-Froebel-School in Viernheim
  • Sender card of a schoolgirl
  • Schoolbag-mountain with 166 bags
  • Buildup of the schoolbag-mountain
  • Enjoying help!
  • Human chain for pick-up
  • Human chain to the pick-up car
  • Pick-up service by GAiN (Global Aid Network)
  • A happy child with a „new“ schoolbag