School sponsorship in Angola to ensure food security of 350 students

In 2011 Care for Kids decided to take over a school sponsorship in association with JAM International for the Escola Cassima Pupira in Angola. For only € 48 per child for a whole year it is possible for us to feed 350 pupils in the school every day.


JAM provides 100 grams (a little less than ½ cup) of vitamin and mineral fortified porridge mix everyday for the school. This porridge (CSB), usually made from a blend of ground corn or sorghum with soybeans, sugar, vitamins and minerals, is cooked with water and provides approximately 75 percent of a child’s recommended daily allowance. The school feeding takes place only in connection with the lessons and thus promotes the motivation of the parents to send children to school.


With a long-term commitment Care for Kids would like help to enable children to learn for a sustainable future.

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