Laptops to create educational Opportunities in Rwanda

OLPC – „One Laptop per Child“

OLPC – „One Laptop per Child“- is a concrete response to the crisis in education in developing countries. Rwanda is one of the first African countries that has fully committed to this idea. This is not a standard laptop but the development of a child-friendly computer that is robust and energy-efficient and tailored to the learning requirements of 8-12 years old primary pupils. This laptop has been developed by the global non-profit OLPC Foundation. For 250 Euros total cost a laptop can be donated to a child for 3 years.


In Germany a group of dedicated organizations have teamed up to introduce 100 of these laptops for three classes at the St. Jacob School in Rwanda. Care for Kids took over the project management, OLPC Germany organized the procurement of the laptops, WCE (Germany) performed the IT implementation tasks, and “Children need Peace” foundation organized the activities at the school and the orphans’ village in Rwanda.


The organizers are now happy and proud that the first 100 laptops could be introduced successfully in November 2011. Some very dedicated members have used their holidays to personally do the field work in Rwanda. During a celebration act the laptops were delivered to the children. Present were also the parents, the teachers and the political representatives, all of which was documented by the Rwandan state television.


In addition to the playing and creative functions the subject matter of Mathematics, English and Science is provided on the computers. A computer owned by the student provides highly motivated learning, encouraged to work independently, researching and promoting the interaction and communication within the school and home environment.


During the school holidays from November to January, the teachers have been introduced and trained and the power supply has been installed, so that the program could start at the beginning of the new school curriculum. Since then the German organizations are supporting this school sustainably. This means constant care of equipment, software and teaching materials and of course the preparation for the next class to be equipped with laptops.

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