Mariaberg Homes

In 2008 Inge Weikelt and Bärbel Gross from Care for Kids visited the Mariaberg Homes to hand over a donation of EUR 3,000.


Mariaberg is located in Gammertingen in the Swabian mountains. Ms Sachs, Head of the Department of Public Relations and Donation Marketing, welcomed us in the old Benedictine Nunnery, which is the administration office of Mariaberg. She told us about the mission “From Person to Person”. This is about meeting the people who receive the services on an equal level and acknowledging their rights as citizens. The tour of the training facilities was particularly impressive. Over homemade tarte flambé, baked in an oven made by the home, we met the head of training, Mr. Rathgeber, and the head of administration, Mr. Rentschler. We also had an opportunity to see the trainees at work.


About Mariaberg:

Mariaberg is a supraregional center for out-patient and in-patient services providing assistance to young and disabled people. Mariaberg also provides a range of different health and training packages. This is a center where people of all ages are offered advice, guidance and assistance, diagnosis, therapy, sponsorship, support and care, as well as training in a range of different vocations. More than 1000 employees provide appropriate social, educational, therapeutic and medical assistance for some 2400 people each year. 120 young people receive schooling and/or vocational training in 14 craft businesses and workshops. Young people with learning difficulties can receive a special training in twelve different craft and domestic vocations through Mariaberger Bildung & Service GmbH. The trainees have theoretical training in the Karl-Georg-Haldenwang special career school. On-the-job training takes place at the training workshops and craft businesses in Mariaberg or in craft businesses that cooperate with the center.

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