Bodelschwingh School: Learning Material for mentally handicapped Children since 2006

Since 2006, Care for Kids makes annual donations of more than 1,000 Euros at Christmas time to the Bodelschwingh school for the mentally handicapped in Sindelfingen, Germany. A DVD player, a noise alarm, a projector trolley, fischertechnik construction sets and other toys now enrich the learning and experiential environment of the pupils.


The donation was initiated by the M+W training workshop. Several years the company's technical vocational trainees (e.g. construction mechanics and systems mechanics) organized a Christmas fair on M+W's premises. Here the trainees offered for sale stainless steel products that they have made themselves. They donated the revenues from the sale to this social engagement.


The school was founded in March 1962 for children and young people with mental disabilities. The guiding principle of the school is “self-realization in social integration”. This primarily involves education for autonomy in as many fields as possible, with the aim of reducing dependency in as many ways as can be imagined. These objectives are put into practice through teaching that meets each pupil on the basis of his capacities and knowledge and uses these to build an individual coaching program. The school today has 45 pupils in seven classes, the kindergarten has eleven children in two groups, and the information centre helps and looks after about 20 children.

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Pleasant surprises from Care for Kids
First trial of the gifts
A “Noise Light“ makes noise visible
Curiosity on both sides
The Care for Kids Team at handover of gifts

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