Modernization of the School in Lany-Tounka in African Mali

 The latest project of Care for Kids will be dedicated to the renovation and equipment of elementary and middle school in Lany Tounka in African Mali. There are currently around 500 children at school. It is the school in the hometown of our member Djibril Siby, who even went to school there and initiated this project and is managing it! This project is planned and carried out entirely on our organization's own responsibility. Care for Kids finances the materials, while the actual renovation work is done by volunteers of the village community. The elder school children are helping during their holidays as well!


The project will be implemented in several stages:  

  1. Renovation of classrooms and toilettes + installation of doors and windows
  2. Procurement of furniture for students and teachers for improved learning conditions
  3. Surrounding of the outdoor area with a fence to protect children against freely moving animals
  4. Establishment of a library and multimedia room, to provide basic computer skills to children
  5. Installation of a solar power system to illuminate the rooms + power the PCs
  6. Construction of a well for clean water supply 


Djibril travelled in December 2015 to his home village in Mali and takes care of the implementation of the first two stages of the project in his three-week vacation. The building materials for the renovation of the 9 classrooms has already arrived and the volunteers currently are doing the construction works. For the realization of the first part 120 table-benches are to be procured, so that for each child a seat can be guaranteed. Currently, the vast number of children sitting on the floor! The table-benches are not imported, but built on site in Mali and create jobs for the indigenous population.  enlarge


For the procurement of the table-benches we would like to ask for your support. With 60,- € you can donate a table-bench for 3 students. Of course, any partial amounts are welcome! Each table-bench can be provided with a name plate of the donor on request.