Rescue of 52 newborn Babies per year in India

On the initiative of the M+W Germany employee Surya Singh from Chennai Care for Kids donated a facility for the rescue and care of newborn foundlings with an amount of 6,000 €.


In India children, for cultural reasons, especially girls, are often dropped shortly after birth. This is mostly done because of serious poverty. Due to lack of proper nutrition during pregnancies, many newly born children are mal-nutritioned. These families don’t have enough funds to raise their children.


To rescue these babies they need to be treated in a hospital with special equipment for approximately 1 week. The hospitals in India often do not have the resources and tools to care for these found children. Therefore Surya has organized via the Indian organization EKAM Foundation, the procurement of a Dräger ventilator equipment. During his home vacations in September 2013 in Chennai he took care for the secure establishment of the facilities. He went to RSRM GOVT Hospital and organized that the Ventilator is installed. He also watched babies are getting treated with the help of the Ventilator sponsored by Care for Kids. He also made sure that the Ventilator is installed with all necessary facilities like Oxygen, water and Nitrogen supply. He will provide a report periodically about the progress. It is realized that about 52 children could be saved in a year through our contribution.


EKAM foundation: The main duty of EKAM is to find such children and try to save their lives. It is a nonprofit organization. Children that are referred to Ekam Foundation are provided with treatment and medical support if they are found to be needy. Since its inception, Ekam foundation has saved close to 2000 lives and screened over 1,00,000 children for health problems.



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