Relief for Children with Disabilities in Rwanda

Rushaki is a small village in Rwanda near the border to Uganda. People in and around Rushaki lack most of basic necessities. Brigitte could assure herself of their situation when visiting Rushaki in the summer of 2015. Appalling is the situation of people bearing a handicap, especially children.
The Sisters of the Holy Family from Bordeaux run a hospital ward in Rushaki, where they also care for these children. Sometimes the children need to be transported for diagnosis, for surgery, or for receiving artificial limbs. Such treatment can save the life of a child, or enable it to participate in social life. Many of them thus are enabled to go to school. The tuition fees are often paid by the sisters. For children and adolescents who are not able to go to school, other assistance measures are needed. But the distances are large. Own transportation is not available. The same applies for assistive devices, which help children to be less dependent.
The Sisters do everything what they are able to, but the number of children with a disability is growing. And all the treatments and assistive devices cost money, which is lacking sorely. Sister Maria Jesus, who is more than 80 years old and full of energy and love, is struggling to enable “her children” to live a dignified life (see more information in the right column).


Care for kids wants to support the sisters in their mission and asks for your help:

  • to buy assistive devices and artificial limbs for handicapped children
  • to pay for the transport to specialized doctors
  • to pay for the diagnostics, surgery, and other medical treatments
  • for medical aftercare
  • to finance school and higher education
  • to finance extra-curricular help and educational offers
  • for food and clothes
  • and for accomodation