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27.02.2016 |

Schoolbags for Syrian Refugees in Turkey

To support refugee children close to their home region we shipped 100 filled schoolbags to the Turkish-Syrian border area.

Our partner is the Syrian Humanitary Forum e.V. The collected and fully filled bags were bro100 filled schoolbags for Syrian childrenught with cars by Care for Kids to Wendlingen, where the organization uses space in an industrial plant. Several storage rooms full of relief supplies, including medical equipment and aids, drugs, hospital beds, blankets, clothes, shoes, among others were loaded together with the schoolbas in a semi-trailer. Together with 10 tons of baby food, the container is brought to Turkey either by truck or ship. The bags should then be handed over to a Syrian school in the border area. The many volunteers, many of them refugees themselves, are with great motivation here. We will report back as soon as we have information from the destination site. See also:


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