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09.11.2015 | News

Integration of Refugee Children in Stuttgart

Schoolbags and Computers: Care for Kids provides children of school age in Stuttgart refugee home with schoolbags and school supplies and has set up a computer room.

According to our guiding principle to support specifically children, we decided to hand over  donated schoolbags to refugee children in Stuttgart. Already immediately after arriving in Germany, and during the asylum procedure pending, the refugee children in Germany are required to attend school, but have obviously not appropriate equipment like stationery, exercise books and bags.

With the support of Caritas, which takes care of the refugees in the accommodation of the former Bürgerhospital  we were able to hand over 120 filled schoolbags to school beginners. The joy from both the children as well as parents was touching!

We hope that the children settle in quickly and develop the joy of learning. They begin the school in special integration classes, where they initially acquire the necessary language skills before they go to normal classes. Since it is expected, that up to 2,000 refugees will be hosted at the property at the Tunzhofer Strasse in the coming months, we plan to provide additional schoolbags to the children there as requested.

In the refugee camps computers are urgently needed in order to learn languages to write applications or exchange emails with their families. The IT team of the M+W Group has set up in Stuttgart with great dedication a complete PC-room, installed software and wired. This is a small contribution to the integration ...



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