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05.12.2014 | News

Educational Sponsorship in Rwanda for 30.- € per year

In 2011 Care for Kids has introduced in the St. Jacob School in Rwanda 120 student laptops for grades 3 to 6. With enthusiasm the students learn to deal with it and get ready for the modern world.


But to provide a computer it is not enough. That's why we finance and organize a sustained support for this educational project. With the amount of 30 € per student per year we provide:

  1. Training of teachers and support staff in workshops
  2. Financing of a teacher for computer lessons in the afternoon
  3. Procurement of spare parts, new laptops and electrical power supply
  4. Development of customized learning content for laptop lessons

Therefore, we would like to sincerely ask for your support. With a one-time or annual donation, you can become a sponsor for a pupil.

Here's more information and a direct online donation option!


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